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Eternal EntitySubject Links:

Where did God come from?
Consciousness of the eternal entity
The Ascension
Synergetics (Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking)
by R. Buckminster Fuller in collaboration with E. J. Applewhite. First Published by Macmillan

Seven Dimensional and Up
Einsteinian Hyperspherical Universe In Plain English
by Samuel A. Cox, BS; MSEd.

Tri-one Being (eternal entity)
Triad of Entity-Relation-Transaction

Eternal Related Games:
Eternal City Game
Dreams Eternal

The Truth is out there!
See more thruth links

Natural Cures for Diseases the Goverment does not want you to know.
About 666 and the NOW.
Music Links:
SafeHouse Recordings
Dissever's Official Website
Links To Local Bands

Resource Links:
Submit Music Event To Times
Rec Focus Ezine

Graphic Resources:
(Hip-hop Themed Graphics and Designs)

Physical World Links
Moon Calendar by Ameritech


Music Sources and Bands:

SafeHouse Recordings


Dissever's Official Website
(Homestead's Local Band)

Links To Local Bands

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